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The world of professional sports is changing. Regardless of the specific game played, athletes in this era are bigger, stronger, and faster than we may have seen even a few years ago. What is even more apparent is the role that sports science is playing in developing the elite level athletes of today. Now more so than ever, athletes are under a tremendous amount of pressure to constantly perform well and put their bodies on the line each and ever night.Read More

Off Season TrainingThey way in which athletes are training in this day in age is changing and J R Sport Performance is at the forefront of this new paradigm. The off-season is the most crucial time of the year for an athlete to prepare themselves for next-level performance, and they can rest assured they will be able to do so at their absolute peak with the help of our coaches.Read More

In Season TrainingThe regular season can be challenging time for athletes both physically and mentally, as well as emotionally. Managing stress, fatigue, injuries, and physical preparation during the season can become overwhelming when there is no clear direction on how to stay in top physical condition in order to maintain a high level of performance. The team at J R Sport Performance understands this stress and knows how to create an optimal training environment that will allow continuous growth through the entire season.Read more

RehabilitationAs sport scientists, our approach to healthcare is holistic and multi-faceted. Intimate knowledge of injury rehabilitation is an absolute must, and that’s why we work hard to bring you the most tried and scientifically true rehab methods available. Whether that means doing soft tissue work to free adhesions, addressing functional asymmetries and basic movement dysfunction, or assessing neurodevelopmental issues, we’ll do everything in our power to get you moving properly, pain free, as quickly as possible.Read More


Nutrition is an absolutely essential component to anyone looking to improve themselves, whether to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or improve one’s athletic output. Our coaches have researched and personally tested many various aspects of nutrition, and will make sure that the nutritional consulting you receive is scientifically sound and well-proven. Heed their guidance and you will see results – you won’t see this stuff on the news!

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Functional Boot Camp In this day and age almost everyone has tried a boot camp. Unfortunately, many of the boot camps that are out there fail miserably at having a structured program design that allows a client to obtain their specific goals. Our boot camps are drastically different from the rest and incorporate the same sports science methodology our athletes receive in order to specifically focus on developing: strength, flexibility and mobility, core stability, postural control, energy systems metabolism, nutritional demands,  and  most importantly self empowerment!
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